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Caesar Chavez PCS sends 5 wrestlers to American University for summer camp.

Washington Latin PCS sends 3 wrestlers to American University and 2 to George Mason University for summer camp.

Washington Latin PCS Season Highlights & Roster:

Kwakou Clay: 14-1, First at Woodberry Forest JV Inv, First at Gonzaga (Melvin Yates II) JV Inv, Third at Saint James School JV Inv.

Christopher Thompkins: 12-0, First at Woodberry Forest JV Inv, First at Gonzaga (Melvin Yates II) JV Inv,

Roman McDonough: 9-3: Second at Woodberry Forest JV Inv, Third at Gonzaga (Melvin Yates II) JV Inv,

Isaac Zakin: 7-7, Third at Woodberry Forest JV Inv, Fourth at Gonzaga (Melvin Yates II) JV Inv.

Aaron Figueroa: 9-7, Third at Woodberry Forest JV Inv

Elias Figueroa: 8-6

Osagie Atkinson                                                                    Dusan Murray-Rawlings

Zaid Abbas                                                                              Clay Baldwin

Bryson Torgovitsky                                                              Cameron Dickerson

Nathaniel Crystal                                                                 Jordan Cosci

Elijah Bryant                                                                         Harris Marks

Graham Brady


Caesar Chavez PCS Roster:

Anthony Zelaya                                                                   Kastill Garcia

Bryan Molina                                                                      Malachi Williams

Christan Garcia                                                                  Matthew Lucas

Cristian Quintanilla                                                           Michael Reyes

Denis Bonilla                                                                       Myles Palmer

Emanuel Leyton                                                                  Omar Mendoza

Isiaha Reynolds                                                                    Timothy Wilkerson


WBTS DC featured in the Washington Post (February 5, 2014)!
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Check out this story on WBTS DC Coach Jake Scott!
From Balboa Avenue to American University to math teacher/international rapper – Jake Scott, once saved by the sport of wrestling, now uses the sport to coach and inspire kids through Wrestling to Beat the Streets DC.

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