What is required for a child to practice with the WBTS DC program?
A small fee and a completed WBTS DC Registration Form.  Please click here for the registration form.   A Spanish registration form is available here.

When does the club practice?
See our Practice and Match Schedule.

Do I have to come to every practice?
No, attendance at every practice is optional though encouraged.

What equipment do I need?
Athletic shorts and a T-shirt.  Wrestling shoes are recommended but not required.  No watches or jewelry please.

I have never wrestled before. Will I be lost?
No. Most of our members are beginners with little or no previous wrestling experience. Experienced coaches will introduce you to the sport and provide friendly instruction.

I have wrestled before. Will there be an instructor and/or practice partner at my skill level available?
Yes.  We do have some youth members with previous wrestling experience.  If you are not a beginner or novice, the club will pair you off with another more experienced member and instructor.

How do I contact WBTS DC?
Please email us at info@wrestlingbts-dc.org