About Us

Wrestling to Beat the Streets DC (WBTS DC) is a nonprofit youth organization based in our nation’s capital dedicated to serving youth in underserved communities.

WBTS DC was founded in 2013.  WBTS DC has applied for 501(c)3 status with the Internal Revenue Service.

President – Max Meltzer
Vice President – Teague Moore
Treasurer – Open
Secretary – Clarence Long
Director of Outreach and Development – Scott Forrester
Coaches – Jordan Lipp, Sam Jefferies, Kyle Harger (CCPCS),  Rickey Torrence (WLPCS)

Advisory Board – WBTS DC does not have an advisory board of any kind. If you are interested in helping WBTS DC in an advisory capacity, please contact us at info@wrestlingbts-dc.org



The Wrestling to Beat the Streets DC (WBTS DC) program is committed to serving children and teenagers in underprivileged communities by teaching the values and benefits of wrestling.  We strive to instill a desire for excellence by creating a culture where boys and girls embrace academics, build healthy lifestyle habits and develop into student athletes, leaders, and citizens who give back to their communities.

Our goal is to establish a network of WBTS DC programs through DC schools and communities and create a safe and healthy environment where children can learn positive lessons and values that will serve them in any environment, be it athletic, academic or social.

The purpose of youth sports is to provide experiences for future life activities by introducing the concepts and skills of a myriad of sports available in the United States. Wrestling, the oldest activity of all, is but one.

Every child can wrestle. Competitors are paired by approximate size, weight, and age. Athletes need not be tall in order to make the team, as in basketball; athletes don’t have to be big, as in football; and athletes don’t have to be speedy, as in track. Athletes of all shapes and sizes can excel and enjoy the sport. Children enjoy physical activity that makes them strong and improves conditioning and proper nutrition. The result is a positive self-image and healthy self-esteem.

Wrestling is a great conditioner. It is a sport in which each athlete is in constant motion.

Everyone on the mat is participating in the drills; everyone is involved in live wrestling and the action; everyone improves their stamina, strength, agility, explosiveness, and power. It is the universal conditioner of a myriad of sports and can enhance the skills of competitors in football, lacrosse, soccer, track, cross-country, ad infinitum.

There are innumerable reasons kids enjoy wrestling and innumerable benefits from participation. However, the ultimate benefit of this form of competition is the ability to meet a challenge and never let it “BEAT YOU!” Mental toughness is the “heart” of an athlete and no sport teaches it better than wrestling.

The wrestler quickly learns that only he/she and the opponent are on the mat and that they alone must make it happen. The wrestler is in sole control and responsible for the outcome…no one else made a bad pass; no one else dropped the ball; no one else missed the block; no one else drew the penalty; no one else missed the rebound. The individual wrestler learns that hard work, practice, and dedication, reduce mistakes and increases personal success. The individual wrestler develops a mental toughness and a work ethic that enables him/her to excel and achieve victory. This inherent requirement of wrestling is critical to success in every sport as well as to success in academics and to success in life.

The above statement was developed by Beat the Streets NY(http://www.beat-the-streets.org/page/about-beat-the-streets)